Frequently Asked Questions

The Muvement Pros are dedicated to helping you move and feel better.

Wondering how we work our magic? Below we answer some of our most commonly asked questions to help you decide if our programs are the right fit for you.
The Muvement pros offers 25 minutes of one on one assisted stretching focusing on an area of your choice. Our muvement expert will guide you through each stretch making sure you are comfortable during the session.
Consistency is the key to success. Book now to talk to your Muvement Expert on which plan will best fit your needs.
We prefer not to stretch anyone with acute injuries. Please seek a medical professional for approval of STM prior to a session. We are NOT physical therapists. However, if you are suffering from chronic pain, muscle tension or stiffness– this is the place for you!
We ask our guests to wear clothes that will be comfortable to be stretched in and wont restrict any movement. If you are wanting to stretch lower body, we ask you to wear pants and to bring clean socks.
Soft tissue mobilization is a method of combining several different modalities where your muvement expert utilizes a hands on procedures that target the muscles, joints, fascia, ligaments that ultimately break down adhesion’s to enhance muscle function.

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