Maximizie your mobility as a senior.

Our bodies undergo many changes as we age, including the natural loss of flexibility and mobility. This can lead to aches, pains, poor posture, and an increased risk of falls, which can significantly impact an elderly individual’s quality of life. Whether it’s getting out of bed, going for a walk, or being able to play with grandkids, there are countless instances where seniors want to feel at their best. However, there may be more effective solutions than traditional methods of muscle relief, such as massage therapy. Assisted stretching is quickly becoming recognized as a better alternative for seniors. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of assisted stretching for seniors, how it can help to improve flexibility, reduce pain, and compare it to massage therapy.

Main reasons why seniors choose assisted stretching.

Assisted stretching, in which a professional practitioner guides you through a series of stretches while helping to hold the stretch in a comfortable position, can help seniors in several ways. For example, it can reduce low back pain and arthritis caused by spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. It can also reduce the risk of falls by improving the strength of hip joints and the flexibility of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower back. Additionally, assisted stretching can improve posture by correcting a forward head posture and rounded upper back and shoulders. Finally, regular stretching sessions can increase energy levels by promoting proper circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. 

Now, let’s compare assisted stretching to massage therapy. 

Massages are known for their ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. They work by calming down your nervous system, which can become overstimulated by the demands and responsibilities of everyday life. Massages can also help soothe sore and stiff muscles, reduce swelling and scarring from injuries, and alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

On the other hand, stretching helps improve circulation, boost nerve health, make movement easier, and increase flexibility. It’s like a workout for your muscles that helps keep them supple and in good shape. When you stretch regularly, you’ll notice an improvement in your range of motion and flexibility.

When combined, stretching and massages can have even more significant effects. By stretching daily and targeting specific areas, you can help your muscles become more flexible, making movement easier. Regular massages, in turn, can help keep your muscles relaxed, reduce pain or stiffness, and enhance the benefits of stretching.

Both techniques are effective and can help improve your health and well-being as you age. By combining them, you can reap both benefits and feel better physically and mentally. Avoiding massage is not a cause for concern unless you have preexisting medical conditions or unhealed wounds.

Assisted stretching is all about getting you moving like you used to move! It can help fix any imbalances and ease any aches and pains. And the best part? It doesn’t involve surgeries, just a little stretchy magic from our trained professionals. At The Muvement Pros our focus is on helping you reach your peak movement potential with less stress and more energy.

Is assisted stretching right for me?

Assisted stretching can be excellent support for seniors, helping to improve flexibility, reduce pain, increase strength and endurance, improve posture and balance, and even reduce the risk of falling. Still, there is only one way to see if it’s a good fit for you!

Here at The Muvement Pros our professional practitioners can provide long-term mobility-enhancing solutions.

What our dear clients say?

Here is what some of our happy clients say:

“(Assisted stretching session) released something in my hip that has been hurting for months, and I walked out of there with ease and no pain. My range of motion is greatly improved.”

“They have really helped my body and health get better!”

“This is great for anyone with aches, pains, avid gym goers and people who are just wanting to be a healthier version of themselves.”

“ Chelsea and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and have helped me with issues that have boggled others in the fitness industry.  I finally feel like I can make some progress when I’ve felt hopeless for so long. I highly recommend!”

Let’s welcome you with a senior discount!

At Muvement Pros we know that each body has different challenges.

We want you to make the most of your session. We welcome elderly individuals and are open to customizing each session to address your individual needs. Call us today at 817-900-3509, claim your senior discount and let’s help you maximize your life and feel at your best!

Calm your mind, calm your body, stretch your possibilities!