Getting Started

Move and Feel Your Best With
The Muvement Pros

We offer our first timers an introductory session. That includes a short consultation and a 25 minute stretching session. After you complete the session you and your Muvement Specialist will come up with the best option for you.
The Longevity Plan
Looking to just dip your feet in the water? Try our 2 S.T.M. session per month membership program. This subscription includes two stretching sessions each month and is perfect for those just wanting an introduction to our services. You’ll be happy to know that just a few weeks of assisted stretching are all that is needed to start feeling the effects of our stretching routines.
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The Remedy Plan
If you’re ready to take your stretching to the next level then come in for weekly sessions with our Muvement experts. Our 4 per month program includes four stretching sessions each month that can be spread out or used in short succession—whatever floats your boat. With weekly sessions, you’ll likely notice the most consistent results so you can get back to your prime sooner than you'd expect.
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The Muvement Plan
Our 8 Per Month Membership program is for those that need more frequent assistance. This comprehensive package includes 8 stretching and flexibility sessions per month for optimal movement results. With this program, you’ll notice your pain and stiffness fading away after just a few sessions. Call us today to learn more and get the most out of our pros.
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Areas We Focus On

Hips and Knees

When clients experience tension and stiffness in the hip and knee region, it often causes intense pain when walking and performing other movements. With soft tissue mobilization, clients can experience pain relief and increased mobility that will allow them to perform daily tasks and athletic activities easier and decrease the likelihood of injury in the future.

Neck and Shoulders

Neck and shoulder tension can occur from athletic and non-athletic related injuries that can decrease your mobility and cause pain to other areas of your body. With the help of our professionals at The Muvement Pros and the benefits of soft tissue mobilization techniques, you can experience relief in tension and swelling.

Wrists and Elbows

While both are delicate parts of the body, the wrists and elbows are essential to upper body movement. If you’ve suffered from an injury to these areas or are looking to recover after your training or athletic event, our highly skilled team can help you regain mobility in no time.

Feet and Ankles

Feet and ankles are another vital part of the body involved in your movement. Whether sprains, tension, or tears, soft tissue mobilization can help strengthen your feet and ankles while stretching and elongating muscles to increase your overall mobility, which will help you recover quicker and prevent injuries.

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