Assisted PNF Stretching

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What is Assisted PNF Stretching?

PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. That’s the fancy scientific way to say “mindfully stimulating nerves and muscles to enhance their function”. At The Muvement Pros, we utilize PNF to maximize the flexibility of muscles which will allow you to access a more pain-free range of motion.

PNF stretching involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the target muscles with enhanced stretching during the relaxation phase of the series. PNF stretching is best performed with a partner, ideally one that knows what they’re doing. This method of stretching has been shown to provide better flexibility than traditional stretching routines.

By focusing on what the muscles are doing each time you contract and relax, they will perform more optimally in both phases. The mind is a powerful thing and we think it’s best to take advantage of that power to boost performance. One of The Muvement Pro’s flexibility personal trainers near you can help you make the most of this exercise.
If you’re curious about PNF near you, then come to our facility and learn how to perform this effective and life-changing routine. Your joints, muscles, and connective tissues will all thank you.
assisted PNF Stretching in Fort Worth

Benefits of this Service

You’ll experience a whole host of benefits with PNF. From an increased range of motion to decreased pain, you’ll be sure to feel better in your body when you routinely do PNF stretching. PNF will allow you to play the sports you love, enjoy adventures with your family and friends, and feel good about what your body can do. Start this effective and transformative form of stretch therapy near you by booking in with us today!

Increased ROM

PNF stretching is specifically designed to increase the range of motion (ROM), of a joint. This is done by lengthening the muscle and increasing the response in the nerves to perform the motions of that muscle. An increased ROM leads to less pain in the joints as well as overall increased quality of life.

Increased Flexibility

You can’t have an increased ROM without increased flexibility. With PNF stretching, you will be able to safely lengthen your muscles so you can comfortably move past previous points of resistance. Increased flexibility results in a decreased risk of injury when performing other exercises or activities.

Pain Reduction

With an increased range of motion comes less pain and more freedom. Work through stubborn old injuries and blast past previous limitations with PNF stretching at our facility. Our Muvement Experts will help you move comfortably and effortlessly so you can enjoy your life to the max.

Reduced Tension

Like other forms of stretching, PNF can be deeply relaxing and soothing. Melt away muscle tension and relieve stress with this advanced flexibility routine. Come to one of our PNF stretching classes near you to start feeling good—you deserve it.

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Why us?

The Muvement Pros is made up of a specialized team deeply educated in PNF modalities. Our Muvement Experts can thoroughly instruct you to perform PNF safely and efficiently since we know it so well. With us, you can be certain you’ll have noticeable increases in your range of motion after just a few sessions. If you’ve been hoping to try assisted stretch therapy near you, then PNF with The Muvement Pros will provide the solution you’ve been looking for. Call us today to learn more about our one-on-one offerings and begin your journey to a healthier and flexible you!
Yes, PNF has been proven to increase flexibility and range of motion. This is a powerful stretching technique that gives you lasting results.
PNF utilizes mental focus and nerve stimuli to improve the function of a muscle. With a repetitive series of muscle exercises, PNF can gradually lengthen the muscles and enable a larger range of motion.
If you struggle with completing day-to-day tasks due to stiffness or pain then you will benefit from PNF. PNF is also effective for athletes that want to perform better or regular people who just want to feel better.